Situated in one of the southernmost points of the state, the Great Southern region is one of the coolest wine producing regions in Australia. As such, vintage takes place later than other local regions so grapes can ripen evenly and slowly over an extended period maximising flavour and varietal character.

While grapes grown in the world’s warm region ripen quickly and make for wines that are bigger, higher in natural sugar, low in acid and high in alcohol, grapes grown in cooler regions such as the Great Southern ripen and accumulate their flavour slowly. The wines tend to be complex and balanced, with higher acidity and more mineral flavours – making them the most food-friendly wines in the world.

There is an increasing global trend of producing wines from cooler climate regions with the Great South region, in Australia’s South West corner, being placed in what James Halliday terms the “Dress Circle” of cool climate regions.