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Vintage 2022 Wrap

How was Vintage 2022? In short, fantastic! Our winemakers are delighted with the wonderful fruit they have to work with.

Following a very wet winter, the rain eased in November and set up the
growing season nicely. Vines needed little to no water until mid-December as the summer heat kicked in. January and February remained dry and allowed our fruit to perfectly ripen. The spring rain meant a late start to harvest, two weeks later than Vintage 2021.

Vineyard Manager Chris Zur reports “Parcels of Riesling, Chardonnay and
Sauvignon Blanc were the stand outs of the whites, as ripening conditions were near perfect.

With the last of our fruit not picked until late April, the long ripening season has resulted in another outstanding performance for our Cabernet, Shiraz and Malbec in particular. Make sure you check out a couple of our alternative reds, in particular the Tempranillo and Nebbiolo.”

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